Field Blend

Flipping the script at Orlando’s Quantum Leap Winery, the 2016 Field Blend is a mash-up of alpine varietals. Blaüfrankisch, Zweigelt, and Dolcetto from a practicing organic vineyard in the Columbia Valley of Washington were hand-harvested and crushed together in an old basket press. Fermentation was left to the greatest winemaker of them all, Mother Nature (and her native yeast). Gentle pressing, used oak barrels, and a tiny dash of sulphur were the only manipulations seen.

The wine is fresh and fruity, with a Cru Beaujolais feel. Aromas of red and pink fruit, eucalyptus, and sweet tobacco lead into a medium-light palate of strawberry, raspberry, and kiwi. The Field Blend fermented out under 12% alcohol and retains an Old World character.

Field Blend.jpg